Portfolio Medium


Just like one of the oldest and finest fabrics, the Seta series represents the same glossy sheen as silk to clad both indoor and outdoor furnishings and environments with style.The colours making up the range liaise with one another with the unique force of delicacy. Technical Details


Through a unique layering technology, the surfaces of Oxide reproduce the effect of oxidised metal which reacts to the atmospheric agents, the sun and the passage of time. The material and chromatic depths help create new refined 3D effects for a total look in designing interiors and exteriors in...


Unusual materials that take on a new meaning, creating an unexpected visual impact. From the iron crafting tradition come textures that combine technology with art. Technical Details

Legno Venezia

Surfaces sculpted and worn away by the sea creatures, typical of the mooring posts of the Venetian lagoon, corroded by the sea water, bringing a piece of the famous lagoon’s history back to life. Technical Details


With all the minimalist allure of the architectural tradition of Kyoto, the Kotan series is inspired by the matt surfaces of raw concrete. The material textures strike a perfect balance between the essential nature of Japanese culture and the craftsmanship techniques for macerating washi paper, giving the surface a...


Inspired by the shimmering shades of oxidized metals, the hallmark feature of the Kanka series are the textures, reminiscent of autumn leaves, a symbol of regeneration, with fluctuating nature transferred onto three-dimensional surfaces in which the texture bears the traces of traditional Japanese origami techniques, combined in an endless...


Introducing In-Side, the first series of ceramic slabs offering material continuity between body and surface. Technical Details

I Naturali

A virtual magnifying glass on the natural stone quarry that faithfully reproduces the technical essence and aesthetics of the surfaces from which it draws inspiration, revealing textures with high technological value. A unique collection that guarantees the same large-size outcome as the most commonly used natural materials. Technical Details


Fokos originates from the primordial force of nature which is expressed through pure and necessary elements such as Rock, Sand, Earth, Salt. The Fokos series is characterised by natural soft colours which respond to the trend of material research of design. The surface has an attractive tactile, almost velvety...


Technology and research into material and style have led to an amazing texture, stemming from the image of a glistening wire continually twisted to form a woven pattern, a shiny metallic surface. The visual and tactile effect of Filo confounds the observer in an amazing play of lights that...


The longest running collection, it fully represents the concept of versatility. The full-body colour assumes a decisive role in the description of spaces and volumes. Collection is an idea for designing and decorating interiors and exteriors; the surfaces with a solid background colour are the stimulus for creating and dressing...


Large slabs with a contemporary personality. “Cement-effect” textures that draw their inspiration from the compact solidity of their inspiring material. Technical Details